Buying a car online, made simpler and smarter

The story so far

For most people, buying a new car is one of the biggest purchases they’ll make. And sometimes, one of the more stressful too. Many don’t fully trust the existing car dealers to sell them the right car at a fair price.
AutoInfo transforms the process of buying a car from an offline activity, conducted mostly on the seller’s terms, to an easy, stress-free and streamlined online process that’s dictated by the needs and requirements of the buyer.
AutoInfo was created in November 2014, by the merger between, the largest new car comparison site in Sweden, and the largest digital direct marketing company in Sweden focused on the car buyer. At launch, AutoInfo already led the Swedish market in terms of number of touch points with potential new car buyers.

Future potential

As people move online for every stage of the purchase process – from the research stage through purchase completion – and with the substantial advertising spend associated with this major market following them, we believe that AutoInfo is well positioned to play a major role in this sector’s transformation.DSC_8790 (1280x1057) (1280x1057)