Plug-and-play integrations between SaaS business applications

Flashnode offers integrations between different business support systems using a “Software-as-a-Service”, SaaS-delivery model. Flashnode itself is delivered according to an “as-a-Service” model without the need for technical engineering work otherwise necessary to get seamless transfers of information between two different business support systems.

The challenges and problems with integrations are a very well known problem in the software industry. Resolving integration problems is a major piece of the global software and services market.

Flashnode targets the integrations between SaaS business applications, a very rapidly growing market segment projected to reach 6 BUSD of the >100 BUSD SaaS business applications market in four years. Flashnode offers integrations-as-a-service, a novel service model and a next development stage after custom integrations projects and the use of integration platforms. The company has a clear roadmap to go even further, potentially offering integrations as a function embedded in the SaaS business applications.

The Flashnode team has first-hand experience of the problems being addressed, both from the professional services side building custom integrations and from a successful SaaS-business encountering integration issues at customers.

Flashnode has got a very rapid start in Finland closing many deals with end customers and getting strong endorsement from several of the leading SaaS business applications in the market. The plan is to continue the rapid growth in the Finnish market and then go international.

At Spintop we do have quite extensive business application software experience and we think Flashnode has a very interesting proposition, proven by the first customers in Finland. We will be pleased to support the company going forward with a particular focus on the international expansion.