InProdicon International

Turnkey white label music and video streaming service for companies and brand owners

The story so far

InProdicon stands for Independent Provider of Digital Content. The InProdicon founders have almost unparallel access to the digital content produced by the music industry thanks to 30 years music of subscription services and >700 million songs distributed on CD:s and online.
Endorsed by the music industry, InProdicon’s proprietary and highly scalable digital platform is state-of-the-art capable of streaming millions of encrypted music files, music videos and other digital content across the globe simultaneously.
InProdicon delivers a turnkey white-label service to mobile and internet service providers, media companies and brands that want to have a top quality streaming music service as part of thier customer offering.

Future potential

The combination of access to all relevant music and video content, a proven technology platform and a wholesale business model makes the company scale attractively, earning end-user revenue-share income with limited need for own customer acquisition investments.