• Fund: Spintop II
  • Co-investors: Firestartr, 500 Startups, Plus Eight Equity and Private investors.
  • CEO: Jonas Norberg

Building and sharing playlists has been one of the most popular ways to consume music since the age of the cassette deck. Pacemaker is taking the playlist to a new level by giving anyone with a tablet, smart phone or smart watch access to pro-level music mixing and DJ functions. All wrapped in an easy user interface and next-level sharing abilities.

Supported by both Spotify and Apple, Pacemaker allows users to build their music mixes by dipping into vast libraries of streamed music. This means it grows the overall level of music consumption and widens the range of songs played.

The entrepreneurs behind Pacemaker have built companies before – including the first truly portable DJ music-mixing console. Leveraging deep sector knowledge and network skills, Pacemaker is set to have an impact on the way many of us will listen to music.

We like the fact that Pacemaker brings more joy to the music listener and adds value to both the music labels and the artists. Go Pacemaker!