Amanda Lindqvist

"Do what you can to make a better future"

At the end of my M.Sc. studies in accounting I realized that I want to work with the future instead of the past. That realization brought me into the tech world and I have never looked back.

During my first 3 years after graduating from university I have worked for the Nordic software company Visma at their HQ in Oslo, Norway. Being part of both the corporate M&A team and divisional Business development team taught me a lot about the software industry and what makes a company successful. After taking part in 20+ acquisitions I have also gained a lot of respect for entrepreneurs – building a successful software company is no walk in the park. My time in Visma was very international and I interacted with people from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and the Netherlands on a weekly basis. I’m very passionate about working closely with clever people in tech, luckily there’s more than enough of those in the Nordic region!

As a Swedish speaking Finn living in Oslo I frequently create confusion when others try to figure out my ethnicity. Working in a Nordic environment is very close to my heart ever since I worked at Nordic Investment Bank alongside my studies. Back then I did not always know when someone spoke Danish or Norwegian, but thanks to 3 years in Oslo and the tv series ”Bron” I have now mastered the separation of the two. During my studies I also got out of my Nordic comfort zone to study abroad in Seoul in South Korea and to do an internship at the UN in New York City. I still master the NYC subway like a local and struggle with eating rice after those experiences.

Curiosity about the world and the people in it is a strong theme in both my professional and private life. Meeting new people, trying different foods (I had to eat most of the roasted grasshoppers I brought to the office on my own), going to that strange class at the gym, traveling to exotic places and doing all kinds of cultural activities are things I enjoy on a regular basis. I like contrasts in life and I’m always on the hunt for new experiences (still haven’t accomplished my childhood dream of swimming with dolphins but I’m working on it). Helsinki is my favorite city in the world and I will move back there in summer 2020.

Motto: ”Do what you can to make a better future”

Education: M.Sc of Economics and Business Administration from Hanken School of Economics

Languages: Swedish, Finnish, English, Norwegian and enough French to impress people who do not speak the language