Support entrepreneurs. Build great companies. For a sustainable future.

We are restless persons investing in change. We believe in technology as a positive force to drive improvements of lives people and the society we all live in – in a sustainable way. We want to do our part to make this happen.

Back rebels with an implementable plan

We invest in the best entrepreneurs, building new companies and targeting global opportunities. The ventures we invest in are built on technology to allow for rapid growth, often disrupting existing structures.

Culture, values and integrity

In the long run company culture and values always beat strategies and plans. We invest in companies that rest on sound human values, respect individuals and embrace the spirit of teamwork. Companies where team members are proud to go to work.

Companies and entrepreneurs are stars – we are the supporting act

We engage actively and like to form a close working partnership with the teams we invest in to bring the best of Spintop throughout the journey. Always remembering that the entrepreneurs are the captains of the venture.

In it for the long game

We see our investments as true partnerships borne out of a relationship that often begins long before any investment, lasts throughout the life of our engagement, and remains long after our exits as an investor.