Sustainable Investments

We are very concerned about the planet we live on, the world we live in and the urgent need to resolve the very fundamental problems we are facing.

We also know that a strict financial business case to take the world into a long-term sustainable position ends on a big plus. So why has it not happened already? One big reason is legacy, preserving what we have rather than embracing the new; not daring to take the costs of quitting the ‘old way’, even if the benefits of the ‘new way’ are much greater.

We are in the business of making rapid change happen, fast. Technology, applied in smart ways, can accelerate the change we need to make happen. The revolutionary entrepreneurs we invest in bring new and better ways of doing things, replacing what is there today for a better tomorrow.

Sustainability is key to build a long-term successful business. Therefore, sustainability is core component of our investment strategy. We evaluate sustainability the same way we evaluate financial, technical and business items before making an investment. When invested, our portfolio companies set sustainability ambitious objectives and track performance alongside financial and operational performance metrics.