ESG Disclosure

In 2022 we announced our fourth fund, Spintop IV, as an Article 8 fund under the EU SFDR. This means that our fund promotes social and environmental characteristics. In order to be an Article 8 fund, we incorporate sustainability in all parts of our investment process:

  1. Pre-investment (exclusion of certain industries, only investing in companies that do no significant harm, investment committee screening, ESG due diligence)
  2. In investment agreements (commitment to Spintop’s sustainability reporting equal to financial reporting)
  3. Post-investment (quarterly ESG-reporting, benchmarking between portfolio companies, promotion of sustainability KPI’s through Spintop’s board work)

Sustainability has been part of Spintop’s DNA since we were founded in 2010. We are convinced that sustainable practices and good financial returns go hand in hand. Spintop, as a firm and as an investor, needs to be a positive catalyst for a sustainable development. Therefore, we welcome the EU SFDR (Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation) and we have adapted our portfolio company reporting to that standard.

In 2019 Spintop invested in the sustainability management platform Worldfavor which we use for our own reporting. By setting up all our portfolio companies on the platform we have managed to gather a significant amount of data on our portfolio’s sustainability parameters which we now can use to drive improvement. And the portfolio companies can use the data for benchmarking and driving their own improvement agendas. Data means transparency. And transparency drives change.

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