Sustainability Creates Value

At Spintop Ventures we firmly believe that sustainability and value creation go hand in hand. Ever since Spintop was founded, sustainability has been on our agenda when screening for potential investments. In our opinion, KPIs related to sustainability are as important as financial KPIs.

We are actively working with UN SDGs internally in our firm and together with our portfolio companies to identify key ESG metrics to track and improve over time. Sustainability assessment is also an integral part of our due diligence process when evaluating new investments. The SDGs that Spintop focuses on are:

  • Gender equality (SDG 5)
  • Decent work and economic growth (SDG 8)
  • Climate action (SDG 13)

We also support the sustainable finance EU taxonomy condition “do no harm” for our investments. We have opted to comply with the UN Principles of Sustainable Investing. We are not a signatory, but our investment processes adhere to the guidelines.