Right for You

The foundation of all our investments lies in building a strong partnership between you and us. A partnership that is strong enough to survive the rollercoaster ride of building a new company.

At Spintop, we think of ourselves as true partners. Just like you, we are building our own firm, brick by brick, as a team. When we commit to support your venture, every Spintop team member commits to contribute his or her network, know-how and engagement. Your success is our success.

Are we a good fit for each other?

As a first step we would urge you to check us out. See if there is a good fit between your needs and our wants before investing a lot of time with us. Reach out to us and we will be pleased to have a chat in a web meeting or over a coffee. You may also want to reach out to some of the entrepreneurs who we hae already partnered with. Find out what they think. Or, for a start, check out some of things that are important to us that we have listed below.


We are big believers in true partnerships, mutual respect and the power of teams. For this to work this belief must go both ways. For us to be the right partner for you and your venture, you need to feel comfortable teaming up with us as an active investor and feel good about sharing your journey with us.


We prefer to work with entrepreneurial teams. This means that we are more comfortable working with a management team that jointly leads the way of their company, rather than with a solo entrepreneur.
If you have previous experience of building a new company, we really value it – even if it wasn’t a blockbuster success.
However, if you are new to the game, and in addition alone, all might not be lost. It just means the quality of your business opportunity will have to be a little higher!


We invest in companies in what is usually labelled the ICT or TIME sector, Information and Communications Technology. As you can see from our portfolio, we invest across the sector – businesses serving other businesses or consumers, stand-alone offerings aiming to re-define a market, as well as in niche plays within an established business ecosystem and enabling core technology platforms.

Enter early

We typically invest as the first venture capital firm, at the time when a first version of your product or service has been launched and achieved some commercial traction. Ideally, when you have a handful of quality customers. Or you have an offering you are about to launch.
We sometimes consider an earlier stage entry investment, in case you have a truly disruptive proposition built on a strong technology foundation. We sometimes also can invest to act as a catalyst to accelerate growth and expansion.


We invest in companies originating from the Nordic region or with a strong connection there. As you can see from our portfolio, we do invest all across the region and we will be sure to work closely with you, regardless of your location.

Business plan

In order for us to consider a potential investment we will need a good quality business plan, including a financial model. Please note that we rate quality and not quantity or format. Actual data, even if not impressive, is worth more to us than future projections. For us, actual names, plus contacts made with potential customers, are better indicators of commercial success than a theoretically determined tiny percentage of a huge market.

Getting to know each other

Business is done by people. If we decide to work together we will be partners for a long time. We would be pleased to remain part of your network long after we no longer have a financial interest in your company.
So, to get this right, we need to get to know each other well. Some of the companies we have invested in we had known for six months, a year or even longer before making the first investment. We would urge you to contact us long before you need us as investors.
We would also encourage you to learn about us. You find information, stories and and news items on this website. You can also follow us on social channels, Read about the companies we have backed, and speak to the entrepreneurs we have partnered with. Their experience is our best reference.

One last thing

If we decide not to invest in your venture, it doesn’t mean it has any terminal faults. It may be that your company is outside our focus, or in an area where we feel we do not have adequate expertise to support you. Or we just got it all wrong.
So don’t stop. Go ahead and prove us wrong!