Interactive 3D city planning for web and mobile

The story so far

Serving the city planning market, Agency9 is a recognised technology leader in 3D visualisation. The company has a unique technology platform handling very large 3D models in WebGL on desktop and mobile platforms, with unparalleled performance and visual quality.
Agency9 streams massive 3D datasets, including everything from city and terrain models to streetviews, individual buildings and building details – merging GIS and CAD data supporting all data and projection standards. On top of the 3D visualisation engine, there are application modules supporting specific city planning activities.

Future potential

With a strong poisition in the Swedish market, Agency9 is now expanding in the Nordics and Northern Europe with a SaaS business model. At Spintop, we see opportunity in how Agency9 can transform city planning activities and the scalable business model, addressing a large market opportunity with similar needs across geographies.

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