Influencer marketing at large scale

APPRL offers the tools and the technical infrastructure to conduct influencer marketing at large scale.

The marketing landscape is in a period of major change. The rapid growth of digital channels puts traditional marketing channels like print and TV under pressure.

In a world with endless numbers of propositions available, consumers and businesses alike seek guidance from persons they trust and feel associated with, influencers. As a result, influencer marketing is growing rapidly across product and service categories in business-to-consumer as well as in business-to-business. This happens in every field from high-end fashion accessories to professional semiconductor development tools.

APPRL facilitates the creation and targeting of influencer marketing, while providing the infrastructure to deploy influencer marketing at a large scale with retained quality.

APPRL has rapidly built a strong position in Sweden and Norway. The platform is used by many of the leading influencers and influencer networks as well as lifestyle brands and retailers. Spintop has followed the founders Martin Landén and Gustav Gisseldahl from the very early days of the company. We are very excited to invest to support the company enhancing the APPRL offering further and bringing the proven model from the Nordics to international markets.