• Fund: Spintop II
  • Co-investors: NTT DOCOMO Ventures, 42Cap, IF, Montan-Ventures-Saar, Norrlandsfonden
  • CEO: Martin Thunman

Crosser provides a core software module enabling large scale Internet-of-Things (IoT) deployments in industrial processes. Crosser’s software acts as an on-site middle-layer between sensors and cloud services, analysing the streaming data in real-time and enabling large cost savings and real-time local actions for time-sensitive applications. It is designed to collect all the data from sensors or operational technology (OT) machine data in real-time, analyse the data in milliseconds, aggregate, filter, enhance and take actions on the data in a distributed way. It is typically installed on a factory floor server or IoT Gateways and can also be embedded in equipment, machines or vehicles.

Crosser’s solution includes a cloud-based management platform with a drag-and-drop Flow Studio for easy set-up and over-the-air configuration and software updates. It comes with a library of pre-built adapters and connectors for sensor data, industrial protocols, enterprise data sources and applications, cloud apps and cloud services.

Crosser powers large scale deployments, including a supply and fleet management system for Sweden’s largest forestry industry. The company has partnered with the leading industrial IoT system integrators to develop the market.

The company has an experienced and senior management team led by CEO Martin Thunman with a previous background at Cisco, as CEO of Packetfront and as Head of Sales at Edgeware.