• Fund: Spintop IV
  • Co-investors: ALMI Invest, Chalmers Ventures
  • CEO: Hans Salomonsson

Embedl provides tools and know-how that empower teams of data scientists and DL-engineers to build more efficient DL-models. Using Embedl’s tools and algorithms does not just generate better models, the work effort can be automated which results in a more efficient workflow and allows for engineers to focus on solving core business problems rather than compatibility issues and maintenance.

Embedl’s solution provides significant performance enhancement when developing Autonomous Driving Systems (AD) and Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS) in the automotive sector. It allows AI to be incorporated into consumer products with less powerful hardware, and makes it possible to run deep learning algorithms on battery-powered devices, which would otherwise require excessive energy consumption

As the number of AI systems continues to grow across various industries, the energy requirements for maintaining these systems become a major concern. By optimizing the AI at the system level, Embedl aims to reduce energy consumption and have a positive environmental impact.