• Fund: Spintop IV
  • Co-investors: Tesi, Nidoco, Private investors
  • CEO: Sandra Lounamaa

Gubbe addresses the massive social problem of our aging population with an innovative and highly scalable approach, by offering a new type of age tech service on a subscription basis.

By matching young people with elderly in the same local area in carefully managed processes via App and web, the company can support the elderly and improve their overall life quality. The Gubbe worker becomes a trusted companion and friend for the elderly, and family members get peace of mind through regular heart-warming updates from the Gubbe-visits.

Gubbe offers their service directly to family users though B2C, through B2B allowing companies to offer elderly care employee benefits or sponsorships or supporting municipalities to look after their older citizens through a B2G business model.

Gubbe can currently be found in Finland, Sweden and the UK.