MariaDB Corporation

  • Fund: Spintop I
  • Co-investors: ServiceNow, Alibaba, Intel Capital, California Technology Ventures, Runa Capital, OnCorps, Open Ocean Capital and Finnish Industry Investments (FII)
  • CEO: Michael Howard

MariaDB Corporation is a global database software vendor build on an open source technology platform. The company targets high availability, high performance applications, supporting the most demanding cloud and web services around the world.

MariaDB Corporation was founded by key profiles behind MySQL, including the original inventors Michael “Monty” Widenius and David Axmark. The company is led by a senior team, with a mix of MySQL backgrounds and experiences from cloud services, enterprise software and business built on open software.

The company has a prestigious customer list, including leading web and cloud services, as well as some of the other most demanding database users around. The company has forged important partnerships with key players in open source and infrastructure software and is recognised as a leader within its space by software industry analysts.

At Spintop we are excited see how MariaDB supports the leading web and and cloud services.