Empowering quality media content for both publisher and consumer.

Based on context, social sharing and user behaviour, Strossle (formerly Sprinkle) recommends the most relevant content for each individual user, the publisher and for advertisers. By focusing on long-term value for each stakeholder and demonstrating high integrity regarding distributed content, Strossle is setting the standards for how we will encounter digital content in the future.

Founded in Sweden in 2013, the company has global ambitions, expanding internationally since inception.

The team behind Strossle are serial entrepreneurs, with deep domain knowledge, a well established network of global contacts, and all fired up. As can be seen in the company’s impressive growth since day one.
In addition to the obvious return on investment potential, we like the fact that Strossle is working to ensure that we will all continue to have access to great quality content in a very digital future.

Strossles mission is to help publishers out of this negative spiral and become future-proof. With Strossle publishers empower their content by:

  • Making sure every user is pretended to an optimal mix of content – resulting in higher engagement.
  • Attracting new users through promotion of their best performin content in Strossle’s publicher network.
  • Leveraging their premium environments by offering native advertisers extended reach.

These values have clearly resonated with publishers. Since launch Strossle has had an average monthly growth rate of 20%, and now we’re going global with our way of thinking. Today the company has offices in Stockholm, Malmö, Oslo, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Madrid and New York. And there’s more to come.

Sprinkle Team