Helping integrated circuit companies to preserve Moore’s Law

Teklatech is an Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software tool company, providing design tools to the leading integrated circuit vendors.

When integrated circuits get smaller and smaller through advancements in circuit production technology, major design challenges occur for the integrated circuit vendors to capture the benefits of the smaller circuit geometries. Teklatech has developed a unique technology to address dynamic power integrity and power noise problems that become very troublesome when circuit geometries reach 28nm and below, making it difficult to preserve “Moore’s Law” (Moore’s Law is an observation and prediction by Intel co-founder Gordon Moore that the number of transistors on a given area of silicon will double every 24 months that has largely held through for four decades and guided the development of the integrated circuits industry).

By using Teklatech’s technology, integrated circuit vendors can implement more computing power on a piece of silicon, to provide a more powerful circuit and/or make the circuit smaller and thus save costs and/or have better design margins to secure production yield and performance stability.

Teklatech’s technology is currently used in important development projects at several of the world’s largest integrated circuit vendors. The plan for the next 24 months is to close business with additional top tier integrated circuit firms, while broadening the usage at the current customers to become a ubiquitous tool.

Spintop is excited about Teklatech’s unique technology, which addresses a very important problem facing the integrated circuit vendors, and which is thus a major market opportunity. We are pleased to have several senior and highly experienced persons with backgrounds from the integrated circuit and design automation tools industries in the Spintop network.

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