• Fund: Spintop I
  • Co-investors: ALMI Invest and Private investors
  • CEO: Daniel Hansson

The development of a new integrated circuit, an ASIC, is a massive undertaking involving tens to hundreds of engineers, with budgets of tens to hundreds of millions of US dollars. During the development of a new ASIC, over 50% of the total development time is spent on testing and verification, i.e., more time is spent to test and verify than to write new code. Verifyter is the first company to successfully automate the entire verification cycle, tracking down the faulty lines of software code. As a result, the total project times have been reduced by more than 10% at top tier ASIC vendors. This represents direct cost savings of millions of dollars and shortened times-to-market of even higher value.

Verifyter was founded by Daniel Hansson, senior ASIC development project leader, in his search for a tool to facilitate test and verification. The company is supported by senior executive profiles with a background from major development tools companies.