Helen Agering


I am deeply passionate about fast growing tech companies and all the challenges and opportunities that accompany their journey. I’ve worked with complex B2B sales my entire career, and Software-as-a-Service and tech in an international setting since 2010. I was the CEO of a consultancy firm specializing in revenue growth, customer experience enhancement, and commercial efficiency for B2B companies. A big part of that job entailed building marketing, sales and customer success functions for our reseller partnerships with industry-leading SaaS companies like Salesforce. 

After the merger of the consultancy firm with a larger multinational strategic change and technology company I assumed the position of Head of the Revenue Science team helping our clients improve and predict business outcome by aligning sales and marketing functions, transforming data into actionable insights and building efficient processes by using the right technology. During this time my interest in tech, digital customer journeys and fast growth led me to becoming part of the board of directors of Nordnet Pensionsförsäkring. 

After my consultancy years I embarked on roles as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Commercial/Revenue Officer at fast-growing international SaaS companies, such as Kognity. Through these experiences, I realized that while every tech company is unique, they have very much in common with other companies in the same growth phase and many of the best practices are transferable. My experience from different growth stages, internationalization, working with distributed teams, raising capital and leadership was valuable for founders and management teams. This realization made me interested in going back to being involved in several SaaS and tech companies (Combify, Impero, Defentry, Learnifier) and I became strategic advisor, mentor, board member and fractional CRO. I also gained more experience in the field of venture capital and investments.

Through my engagement in Defentrys board of directors I became acquainted with Spintop Ventures and I’m thrilled to bring my passion for tech startups, scaleups and go-to-market strategies to this exceptional team.

Languages: Swedish, English and 20 years ago my French was good enough to work in France and study at a business school in Paris.

Eduction: Lund University, Master of Science in International Economics