Isabel Nilson

"Stay curious, learn, and step out of your comfort zone"

The ever-changing aspects of technology truly fascinate me, and I am always excited to hear about new innovations.

My interest in tech investments was initially sparked during a legal internship in Beijing in 2014 whilst working on a capital raise for a biometric technology company. After that experience, I decided to redirect my career from law to finance as I realized I was much more passionate about the business itself than the legal aspects of the transaction. After my studies, I took a job as a consultant at a fintech company in London and was later recruited by a client in Stockholm, a boutique investment bank with a focus on early-stage growth companies.

I found working with start-up teams and being exposed to new innovations highly rewarding. I got to enjoy fundraising for unlisted ventures through multiple financing rounds, leading up to IPO exits once the companies matured. Later, I joined a larger global investment bank where I worked on M&A transactions for both listed and unlisted commercial real estate companies.

My work has so far been focused on the tech, healthcare and real estate sectors, but I am always excited to hear about advancements in all sectors and find that increasingly, most companies are becoming tech companies to some degree.

Coming from an ethnically mixed background and having lived in different countries, I have always been enthusiastic about exploring new cultures, foods and locations. When I am not in the office I try to travel frequently and to as many new locations as I can. I am happy to say that I have crossed off all continents from my list except for Antarctica (working on it), but still have many more places to explore and revisit! When I am not on the go I enjoy cooking and trying out new South American wines.

Motto: ”Stay curious, learn and step out of your comfort zone”

Education: Bachelor of Laws with Honours (LLB) from the University of Kent, MA (Legal Practice Course with Business) from BPP Law School

Languages: Swedish, English, Farsi, and enough Spanish to get fed at a dinner table