Maik Stange & Oliver Edsberger

Entrepreneurs and Angel investors

We founded NUMENUS in 2009, building a high tech company in the visualisation space targeting the automotive industry. In 2011 the company was acquired by Autodesk, our technology was merged into their solutions, and continues to be a viable part of their automotive offerings. Since 2013 we have been scouting the Gothenburg start-up scene and support the Spintop Network in finding potential investments.

We both graduated in computer science in Koblenz, Germany. Oliver continued studying and his Ph.D. thesis became the technological foundation of NUMENUS. We joined forces to start the companyin August 2011, after Maik was working in project management for a consulting company. In just two short but intense years we went through the complete cycle of building a start-up, including forming a team, running the company, finding and acquiring investments as well as negotiating and executing its sale.

After the acquisition we continued to work for Autodesk in different engineering roles. In parallel, we both follow our passion for working with and mentoring start-ups, which allows us to bring in the learnings and expertise from our own journey. This led us to invest in Spintop’s second fund at the end of 2013 and become Spintop’s eyes and ears for the larger Gothenburg area. This role includes participating at many local start-up events, individual meetings with promising companies and evaluating their business plans. On top of that, both of us did Angel investments in Smartster and Verifyter.