Peter Carlsson


After 10+ years as CEO of PriceRunner, one of Europe’s leading price comparison sites, I have gained a lot of experience of the internet sector. However, I have also learnt that when you think you know how it works, you will wake up the next morning realizing something has changed. The sector is constantly changing and I am thrilled to work with the Spintop team to find and work with companies that will drive this change.

During my years with PriceRunner the company was sold twice. That together with acquisitions and a rapidly changing environment presented me with ongoing exciting challenges. After I left PriceRunner I have invested privately in online startups, combined with board assignments at Insplanet, Vendre and Clearlii.

Before my PriceRunner days, I worked for Accenture, Antula Healthcare, Unilever and sold tennis accessories in my own company. Once upon a time I also worked together with Spintop Partner Finn as a ski guide in the Alps.

I have lived in Stockholm for the last twenty years. In my spare time I do like Warren Buffett, I try to improve my bridge game.

Motto: “Better to make mistakes than do nothing at all”

Education: BBA Jönköping International Business School

Languages: Swedish, English and French