Spintop Ventures invests in the SaaS-based software company Cambri. Cambri empowers product teams to run best-practice market research directly by themselves with results available already the next day. This allows for iterative innovation that until now has only been available for digital products.

Helsinki March 10, 2021 – Cambri, a market research automation startup accelerating product and concept testing of consumer brands, has today announced a series A funding round of €3.6 million. The round was jointly led by OpenOcean and Spintop Ventures. Cambri enables global and local brands to rapidly validate, optimize and iterate early-phase product and service concepts 10X faster than traditional methods via its digital SaaS platform and automated access to 100 million consumer panelists.

Industry leader Lynda Clarizio, former President of Nielsen US Media, also joins the Board of Directors, adding vast enterprise-data and analytics expertise.

”I am pleased to join Cambri’s Board of Directors working alongside OpenOcean and Spintop Ventures,” said Lynda Clarizio. ”I am excited by what Cambri is doing to revolutionize product and concept testing to better serve brands in bringing product innovations to market.”

“This is an important milestone for Cambri,” said Dr. Heli Holttinen, Founder and CEO of Cambri. “As we scale internationally and further develop our product to serve our rapidly expanding customer base, the industry knowledge and experience we gain from OpenOcean, Spintop Ventures and Lynda Clarizio will enable us to move even faster and smarter.”

The Cambri solution helps global consumer brands such as Electrolux with adopting more robust research and concept testing methods. The leap forward in speed and accuracy that the Cambri solution provides means that marketing and innovation teams can allocate resources towards only the most desired products.

“The ability to translate a deep understanding of consumer behavior into an online tool makes Cambri exceptional. Cambri’s platform has helped us make better, data-informed decisions faster. As we use Cambri across many markets, it also offers a methodology that removes cultural bias, making results comparable across markets,” said Jessica Adel, Consumer Insights Director at Electrolux.

“Cambri is growing rapidly, has an expert founder team, and has developed a novel software solution that automates market research, all of which makes the company a great addition to OpenOcean’s investment portfolio. We are excited to see how Cambri will disrupt the massive market research industry and take global leadership in this new category,” said Tom Henriksson, General Partner at OpenOcean.

Sami Niemi, Partner at Spintop Ventures explains, ”I have created and launched global products in both small and large corporations and always missed what Cambri brings: they empower product teams to innovate and run best-practice market research directly by themselves with results available already the next day. This allows for iterative innovation just like with digital products.”

Cambri was established by senior market research experts Dr. Heli Holttinen and Dr. Outi Somervuori, who hold PhDs in customer-driven concept creation and behavior pricing respectively, and Dani Kamras who has extensive experience in innovation and market research. The company serves its international client base from offices in Helsinki, Finland; Stockholm, Sweden; and Almelo, the Netherlands.

About Cambri
Founded in 2018, Cambri is a Nordic-based automated insights and concept testing platform that accelerates the innovation process of large consumer brands. We want to empower and inspire Cambri users to test, iterate and improve so that only the most value-creating ideas reach the market. Used by global consumer brands around the globe such as Electrolux, Cambri helps companies to adopt more robust research and concept testing methods and accelerate learning and success. Serious research made easy! For more information, visit www.cambri.io.

About Spintop Ventures
Spintop Ventures is a Swedish early-stage Venture Capital company investing in Nordic software enabled technology companies. Spintop, started in 2009, is backed by the European Investment Fund, Saminvest, Sitra and many high-profile tech entrepreneurs and is currently investing from Spintop’s third fund. Spintop has a sustainable ESG investment agenda for its funds and portfolio companies. Further information at https://spintopventures.com/

About OpenOcean
OpenOcean is an early-stage venture capital firm investing across Europe with offices in London, Helsinki, and Amsterdam. With an entrepreneurial background from building several category-defining software businesses, we engage with founders to build and scale global companies delivering data solutions for the new economy. OpenOcean typically leads or co-leads Series A funding rounds in Europe. https://openocean.vc/