Home mortgage digital platform company Hemma completed a funding round led by Spintop Ventures. Several existing shareholders including Luminar Ventures participated in the funding round.

Hemma is at the forefront of leading the green revolution in the retail property market in Sweden by offering certified green mortgages at highly attractive mortgage rates. The company support their customers to a more sustainable and ”climate-smart” living whilst lowering interest rate payments and raising property values through energy saving Investments.

Hemma’s proprietary platform for green mortgages make the entire application and credit approval process fully digital and end-to-end through a few clicks on-line. But it will also guide users towards the best energy saving investments for their individual properties, introduce the users to energy saving installation contractors and provide attractive loans for the Installation once completed.

Hemma has the vision to be a leading catalyst for change in investments for more efficient use of energy and more renewable energy in the domestic property sector targeting to reach carbon-neutral emission levels for Sweden and other countries.

Therese Ruth, Founder and CEO, Hemma ”We are pleased to have Spintop Ventures to join our journey to challenge and change the mortgage industry. There are currently no alternative solutions to offer green mortgages to drive the energy improving Investments for existing properties.”

Erik Wenngren, Partner and co-founder, Spintop Ventures ”We are impressed by the Hemma team’s achievements building such a competitive platform and compelling offering in record time. Hemma is well positioned to meet the challenges as a catalyst for change to drive rapid digitalisation and increased focus on sustainability in the mortgage markets”

Hemma current backers include strong Fintech names like the former Chairman of Klarna, Peter Sjunneson and TAT co-founder and Kivra board member, Ludvig Linge.


About Hemma

Hemma’s vision is that sustainable living should also bring economic benefits. By offering green financing at competitive interest rates Hemma create incentives for households to invest in sustainable living. Hemma is licenced to operate as a mortgage institute by the Swedish regulator, Finansinspektionen. www.hemma.se


About Spintop Ventures

Spintop Ventures is a Swedish early-stage Venture Capital company investing in Nordic software enabling technology companies. Spintop, started in 2009, is backed by the European Investment Fund, Saminvest, Sitra and many high-profile tech entrepreneurs and is currently investing from Spintop’s third fund. Spintop has a sustainable ESG investment agenda for its funds and portfolio companies. www.spintopventures.com


For more information

Therese Ruth, CEO, Hemma, +46 70 886 39 24, therese@hemma.se

Erik Wenngren, Partner, Spintop Ventures, +44 7811 261 424, erik.wenngren@spintopventures.com