Ville Vesterinen

12 feb 2024

Ville Vesterinen is an entrepreneur and angel investor based in Helsinki, Finland. Ville co-founded the Slush conference and the ArcticStartup blog to speed up the formation of the emerging Nordic startup scene. Ville serves on Swappie’s board and advises many other startups and scaleups.

Caritta Seppä

10 okt 2023

I have always been passionate about education, sustainability, and creating a lasting impact. That’s why I co-founded Tespack, an energy tech startup.

Helen Agering

7 jun 2023

I am deeply passionate about fast growing tech companies and all the challenges and opportunities that accompany their journey.

Kamyar Espahbodi

19 jan 2023

The rapid pace of innovation has always captivated me, from the way my parents had to rely on libraries for information to the ease with which I can access it with just a phone. I find myself constantly pondering what technology might be available for future children and the impact it will have on their…

Bjørn Ingier

4 feb 2022

Bjørn Ingier served on the Visma’s executive team for 30 years growing Visma into the by far largest Nordic software company. After retiring from Visma, Bjørn is an advisor and investor supporting innovative new technology companies.

Ari-Pekka Salovaara

4 feb 2022

Co-founder of two companies, Managing Director in Visma Solutions, Angel Investor, proud father of two daughters and enthusiastic computer gamer. I co-founded my first business (Nexon Consulting Oy) in 2002 at age of 22 and second (Severa Oyj) in 2004. I acted as Managing Director in Severa Oyj, but I was also coding, marketing and…

Alexander Hars

4 feb 2022

Alexander Hars is a successful tech entrepreneur and angel investor. He has spent the last 20+ years building software-based companies in the Nordics.

Isabel Nilson

4 feb 2022

My interest in tech investments was initially sparked during a legal internship in Beijing in 2014 whilst working on a capital raise for a biometric technology company. After that experience, I decided to redirect my career from law to finance as I

Eva-Lotta Berg Ljungström is an international finance industry executive and board member. She has a long experience from working with financial technology innovations and a broad network in the financial sector.

Per Roman

31 jan 2022

Per Roman is co-founder and Managing Partner of GP Bullhound LLP since 1999, and today is one of Europe’s best-known technology investment bankers

Sami Niemi

18 nov 2019

I love technology, and the magic it enables. Tech is often too complex, and can always be simplified still letting the user do more. I like to think beyond the current established ways to do things – there is always a way to do things very different and very much better.  

Finn Persson

18 nov 2019

Working as a management consultant and partner at McKinsey & Co in the telecoms, IT and Media sector throughout the formative years of the mobile and internet revolutions was certainly more surreal than real looking back

Erik Wenngren

18 nov 2019

My board seats at Spintop portfolio companies, including TRV, Small Giants Games and Waya, cover a…

Peter Carlsson

18 nov 2019

During my 10+ years as CEO of PriceRunner, one of Europe’s leading price comparison sites, we experienced so many positive things by staying…

Anders Bengtsson

25 feb 2016

Entrepreneur and Investor Partner and CEO of investment companies, e.g., BTAB and Dimitra Board member of numerous public and growth companies.

Ari Korhonen

13 mar 2015

Ari Korhonen is former successful technology entrepreneur and very experienced angel investor and venture capitalist.

Mats Johansson

13 mar 2015

Together with Erik and Finn, I co-founded Spintop Ventures in 2009.

Together we founded NUMENUS in 2009 where we built a high tech company in the visualization space targeting the automotive industry.