Ari-Pekka Salovaara

4 feb 2022

Co-founder of two companies, Managing Director in Visma Solutions, Angel Investor, proud father of two daughters and enthusiastic computer gamer.

I co-founded my first business (Nexon Consulting Oy) in 2002 at age of 22 and second (Severa Oyj) in 2004. I acted as Managing Director in Severa Oyj, but I was also coding, marketing and consulting during the first years. Business was doubling its revenues every single year from 2004 to 2008. Growth slowed down during the financial crisis, but was still close to 20% per year during 2009-2010. Severa won several awards, including Red Herring Global, Deloitte Fast, Great Place to Work and Young Entrepreneur in Finland. Visma acquired Severa in 2010. Two years later Wise Group Finland Oy acquired Nexon Consulting Oy.

I have been privileged to be able to combine my passion for start-ups as an investor and continue the Severa story by working as Managing Director in Visma Solutions Oy. Visma Solutions Oy employs 110 employees and 2014 revenues were 20,4 million euros with a growth rate of 62% and operating profit of 33%. I made my first investment to Spintop in 2010, and I have also made some direct Angel investments including Paytrail Oyj (acquired by Nets in 2014). During these years I also found time to raise a family and a dog, build a house and graduate from university with a Master of Science. My football and rock climbing hobbies suffered, but I always found time for good computer games. 🙂