With IndyRIOT you can create a customized online community within your own domain, tailored for your specific needs. Kimberly Larsen and Lasse Andresen sparked the idea from their interest and experience of combining online and offline lives in a secure way. 

Co-founder and CEO Kimberly Larsen shares how it all began: 

– Lasse and I have both been very interested in the opportunities and challenges related to how we all combine our online and offline lives, both private and professional. With Lasse’s background in Identity Access Management and Cyber Security, and my background in community building, we had a unique perspective to build good solutions for this.

Online communities have become a core part of everyday life, both privately and in business. Tech giants such as Alphabet (Google), Amazon, Apple, Meta (Facebook) and Microsoft today collect, control and monetize almost all the value and data generated in our online presence. IndyRIOT changes this game and gives companies and individuals a white label platform where the values belong to you. 

– Companies and individuals are now waking up to the fact that they have virtually no participation in the value that is created, and no ownership or control over their own online presence. It’s your community & data – own it! We replace static websites with engaging social community spaces. This gives companies, brands and networks the same experience they would have on social media, but they own their own data and their own value creation, driven by User Generated Content, says Kimberly Larsen

IndyRIOT’s founders are based in Norway but the company built an remote-first culture to be able to hire based on skills and not location. 

– We work actively with async communications. Transparency and accessibility are important so that everyone has access to all information wherever they are. We focus on the work to be done more than where and when you do it. This means that you have the opportunity to adapt your days as best as possible together with your private life, and our experience is that the trust we give here is returned in multiples, says Kimberly Larsen

Lasse Andresen co-founded IAM company ForgeRock and as the CEO led the company through the startup phase to become an industry leader with a $2.8 billion valuation at IPO in 2021. Kimberly Larsen is an award winning founder with long experience in building and scaling marketplaces. In 2020 they founded IndyRIOT. 

– Now we have a product that works, at a time when it is sorly needed. Now is the time for land grabs, says Kimberly Larsen. I’m excited to be able to contribute to better solutions to how we live, to be able to create jobs for talented people, and to be able to create a work culture in which you yourself want to work.

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