Spintop Ventures announces their ninth investment in the past year in the SaaS administration AI solution Valo.ai. The investment is made together with Inventure and a group of highly respected cybersecurity experts including F-Secure Chief Research Officer Mikko Hypponen and Cybersecurity entrepreneur Henri Lindberg as angel investors.

As modern enterprises increasingly rely on SaaS solutions for their business growth, platforms like Salesforce require constant development and configuration with hundreds of manual, complex and time consuming work items. Each user and non-human machine automation of these integrated business systems require continuous observation to make informed development decisions from customers while they face increasing misconfiguration, security, and compliance risks from overworked administrators. 

“Integration security is a growing concern for Salesforce and similar platforms due to increased integrations, especially from AI-powered applications. This makes it challenging for CIOs, IT teams, and business owners to optimize for the business’s needs and ensure security while effectively monitoring the connected applications,” says Sami Niemi, partner at Spintop Ventures.

Valo’s AI-powered technology automates the identification and remediation of these misconfigurations at their root cause. Through non-stop monitoring of metadata and proactive optimizations of these configurations in SaaS services, Valo.ai empowers administrators to improve application adoption, optimize performance, and validate security and compliance. The massive 9 million people involved in the trillion dollar Salesforce market is ripe for more admin automation benefits.

“While many SaaS security posture management solutions wait for admin misconfigurations and then inform the admin, Valo’s technology takes a proactive approach. We’re building the admin’s best friend,”  says Jari Salomaa, CEO and co-founder of Valo.ai.

The Valo.ai team of industry experts comes from Salesforce, ServiceNow, Google, Snap, Spotify, Nokia, and F-Secure. At the Salesforce Platform product team, CEO and co-founder Jari Salomaa was behind several successful products opening Salesforce for billion dollar enterprise markets including Salesforce Shield, Event Monitoring, Transaction Security, Security Health Check and Big Objects. Meanwhile, CTO and co-founder Mika Ståhlberg served as Group CTO of F-Secure, where he managed multiple security products and launched Cloud Protection for Salesforce into the Salesforce AppExchange marketplace.

 “This team has strong cybersecurity roots that build absolute trust for customers. I’m excited to be involved and support the Valo team,” says Mikko Hypponen, global security expert, speaker and author.

 “This team has an exceptional combination of expertise in enterprise software and cybersecurity, and Valo is tackling a massive market. Valo automates mundane tasks, freeing up IT teams to do productive work,” says Timo Tirkkonen, Partner at Inventure. 

Valo.ai invites enterprise customers in the Salesforce ecosystem to be among the first to experience this new era of SaaS administration at a special event taking place at Dreamforce this September in San Francisco. Get in touch to see Valo.ai in action and join the early access program.