• Fund: Spintop III
  • Co-investors: LRF Ventures, Centripetal Capital
  • CEO: Paul Bergren

Acamp’s mission is to make it easy for campers to explore and book great places to camp. Born out of frustration with traditional campsites, Acamp built a platform where private hosts and business owners can list unutilized land and curated experiences for campers to book.

For campers, Acamp provides a comprehensive booking platform for discovering unique places in nature and experiences. For hosts, Acamp provides an easy-to-use listing platform where hosts and small businesses can earn extra income, gain visibility to the camper community, and stay clear of payment/booking-admin which is automated by the Acamp platform.

The camping industry is evolving, there is a large and growing group of campers that are not attracted by the traditional camping sites. Increasingly campers wish to be closer to nature and discover special places with curated experiences. The industry is also attracting a younger generation, demanding sustainable travel options and high user experiences. In addition to these developments, the new generation RVs are generally not in need of the infrastructure larger camping cites provide, thus, the timing could not be better for connecting campers with private landowners through the Acamp platform.