• Fund: Spintop III
  • Co-investors:Brightly Ventures
  • CEO: Adrian McDonald

The HR Tech company Adway is reshaping the entire recruitment industry, using AI to find passive candidates on the new battleground for top talent: Social Media platforms. Adways customer increase their talent pools and diversity.

Since the start of 2018, Adway has had strong growth and helped many employers in Sweden to attract top talent to their companies. The company’s AI-powered software and Social Talent Pools product identifies highly sought-after passive candidates on social media and entices them to apply for jobs they would not otherwise discover or consider. The AI-powered software has also helped many companies increase the diversity of their employees by impartially choosing who is exposed to jobs and encouraged to apply.

The HR tech landscape is constantly evolving and Adway is a leading example of new innovation in the talent recruitment sector. Comparing with the e-commerce industry and pinpoint the moments which transformed the world and set aside the winners from the rest, it was definitely the utilisation of mass data to deliver unprecedented personalisation and predictive decisioning. This is exactly what Adway is pioneering for recruitment and the timing couldn’t be better with the changes in the job market due to the pandemic.

The goal for Adway is to make recruiting easier, cost efficient and less biased with AI and automation.