• Fund: Spintop III
  • Co-investors: Alliance Ventures
  • CEO: Nima Samimi

Alexis’ mission is to change the way companies deal with their people administration by making it effortless, simple, and quick. Keeping data up to date when managing multiple tools and systems quickly can become a hassle; that’s why they’ve built an all-in-one core HR platform that puts the employees first and simplifies processes for everyone in the business.

With Alexis, companies can manage and automate people operations all the way from onboarding to off-boarding in one single easy-to-use platform. It enables transparency and lets employees and managers efficiently handle tasks via integrations such as Slack and Teams, improving the entire employee experience. Use turn-key integrations to stream data to various third-party applications such as Payroll systems or utilize people analytics to make better decisions. The name means “helper of people” and the platform is used by companies and employees in over 55 countries.