• Fund: Spintop IV
  • Co-investors: Schibsted Ventures, FJ Labs, Arkwright X and Tiny Supercomputer Investment Company.
  • CEO: Sondre Selbæk

Tings seamlessly bridge the gap between the physical and digital realms, establishing connections among consumers, brands, retailers, and third parties within a circular ecosystem.

Through meticulous collection and cataloging of receipts, Tings employs artificial intelligence to construct a comprehensive digital repository of users’ belongings. Consequently, users gain direct access to spare parts, repair services, and opportunities for second-hand sales. Aligned with EU regulations, stores and brands are now compelled to embrace a circular approach, focusing on repairs and second-hand sales. With existing collaborations, including Fjällräven, IKEA, Eplehuset, and Anton Sport, and more partnerships on the horizon, Tings strives to lead this transformative shift.