• Fund: Spintop III
  • Co-investors: Brightly Ventures, Norrsken, private investors
  • CEO: Andreas Liljendahl

Worldfavor is a global platform for sharing and evaluating corporate sustainability and compliance information. Through its global network, the platform connects organizations and companies all over the world to exchange information and thereby enable sustainable decisions. The platform is used to gain transparency in large global value chains, for monitoring of ESG on investments and other business partners, and to simplify companies’ internal sustainability efforts.

Through its customers, the platform has quickly grown to a network approaching 30 000 businesses worldwide that share information with each other across value chains, resulting in actionable insights and metrics that in turn drive increased awareness and sustainable decisions. Among its customers are leading Nordic and international brands such as Swedbank, Nobia, Martin & Servera, Nudie Jeans and NIBE.