Ingmar Veinberg (Chief Medical Officer), Nathalie Rohlén (CEO) and Simon Fridlund (CTO)

Spintop Ventures announces today its investment in Zymego, a groundbreaking healthcare technology company, set to address the chronic issue of appointments being unfilled due to late cancellations and reschedules. The company’s vision is not only to optimize healthcare scheduling but also to enhance the patient experience and streamline the healthcare system.

Zymego closes this major investment round to expand Swedish sales and to progress international growth. Icebreaker, an early investor in Zymego that invests in strong teams with deep insights into the problems they are solving, is also participating in this significant round of funding.

”We believe that Zymego’s solution is a real game-changer for the healthcare industry. With our investment, we aim to accelerate the adoption of this innovative platform, ultimately improving the efficiency and accessibility of healthcare services,” says Sami Niemi, Partner at Spintop Ventures. 

The investment is set to revolutionise healthcare scheduling and administration as Zymego solves the chronic problem of unfilled appointments due to late cancellations. In today’s healthcare landscape, up to 15 % of all appointments remain vacant due to late cancellations and reschedules. Furthermore, healthcare staff spend around 50 % of their time on administrative tasks, highlighting the pressing need for automation, but without compromising patient care or the operation of the clinic.

Additionally, Zymego has developed game-changing features aimed at eliminating time-consuming administrative workflows related to scheduling. This comprehensive approach underscores their commitment to streamlining the healthcare system and enhancing healthcare service delivery. By eliminating administrative tasks for healthcare personnel, Zymego allows them to focus on their primary mission: providing exceptional patient care.

We’re excited to have the support of Spintop and Icebreaker. This investment enables us to scale our solution and bring advanced scheduling automation to healthcare providers and patients,” says Nathalie Rohlén, CEO of Zymego.

Zymego is poised to transform health care with its cutting-edge automation technology. Their intelligent platform offers innovative features, such as automatically filling late cancellations and ensuring patient retention – working 24/7. As a result, up to 90% of late canceled appointments are filled, reducing patient wait times and alleviating the healthcare backlog, ultimately improving the overall patient experience.

As advocates for transformative technology, we see Zymego as a force for positive change in the industry. We are delighted to be part of this investment and support their mission to revolutionize healthcare scheduling,” says Aleksi Partanen at Icebreaker. 

About Zymego
Zymego is a pioneering healthcare technology company dedicated to automating and streamlining healthcare scheduling processes. With an unwavering commitment to improving the efficiency of the healthcare system, Zymego’s innovative platform eliminates administrative tasks for healthcare personnel and ensures that no appointment goes to waste. This, in turn, reduces patient wait times, enhances healthcare service delivery, and addresses the backlog in the healthcare system.

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