Oneflow is one of Sweden’s most rapidly growing new SaaS companies. Spintop will lead the new financing round to fuel continued rapid growth. The Oneflow board members, current investors and software industry profiles Lars Appelstål (Readsoft), Bengt Nilsson (IFS and Pagero) and Johan Borendal (Dynasoft/RSA and Trustweaver) will also participate in the financing.   

Oneflow grows very rapidly at an average of 10% per month. In one year, the organization has grown from 10 to 30 persons.  The financing will be used to grow the organization and accelerate the international expansion, while retaining the strong growth in Sweden says Oneflow’s CEO and founder Anders Hamnes.

”E-signing has grown rapidly over the last few years, but customers soon realize that e-signing just solves a small part of the problem of digital contracts handling. The major potential for efficiency and a better experience does not come with just a digital signature, it requires a complete digital workflow. Oneflow has developed a complete solution for digital contracts covering the entire lifecycle, where digital signing is an integrated function.  When organizations compare our approach with traditional e-signing services the choice is most often easy. We help our customers to manage their contracts in a 100% digital process resulting in major cost and efficiency savings, a much better quality control and a superior experience for all parties to a contract.” says Anders Hamnes.

”We have followed the progress of Oneflow for two years and we are very pleased to now join the company as investors. Anders and his team have developed an innovative and smart product which has proven to be highly appreciated by the market. Enterprise software companies that deliver fundamental business efficiency improvements and are distributed according to a SaaS-model is one of Spintop’s focus areas. We have broad competence and extensive experience from this sector. Oneflow shows the fundamental benefits of making workflows 100% digital in a smart way.” says Finn Persson, Partner at Spintop Ventures.

For more information:

Finn Persson, Partner Spintop Ventures, +46 705 11 65 74

Anders Hamnes, CEO Oneflow, +46 76 788 50 76