Acamp welcomes new investors Spintop Ventures and LRF Ventures, alongside current investor Centripetal Capital, in the Swedish tech company’s biggest round so far. The fresh funds will be used to accelerate growth and expand operations.

Acamp’s mission is to make it easy for campers to explore and book great places to camp. Born out of frustration with traditional campsites, Acamp built a platform where private hosts and business owners can list unutilized land and curated experiences for campers to book. “With the support of our new investors we look forward to growing our camper community and expanding into new markets”, says Acamp founder Öjje Holt.

Spintop Ventures see great potential in Acamp. “We are beyond impressed with the founders of Acamp who through their true passion for camping have built a rapidly growing platform with a highly engaged camper community. With the founders’ track record of scaling startups into global organisations, we envision Acamp becoming a game changer for the campground industry” says Isabel Nilson at Spintop Ventures.

Acamp also welcomes another new strategic investor – LRF Ventures, part of The Federation of Swedish Farmers. “We see really interesting synergies where Acamp can attract hosts and at the same time provide exciting opportunities for LRF´s more than 130,000 members by creating new revenue streams through renting out land and offering their products and services to campers” says Martin Alexandersson, Investment Manager at LRF Ventures.

With their extensive network in agriculture and forestry, LRF Ventures will be the perfect partner to strengthen the continued expansion of Acamp in the Nordics” says Öjje Holt.

The next phase will also include an expansion of the Clean Camping initiative developed in close cooperation with Håll Sverige Rent (Keep Sweden Tidy) and its sister organisations in Denmark and Norway. “We are thrilled by the surging popularity and interest for sustainable tourism, and are fully committed to connecting people with unique places to stay in nature” says Öjje Holt.

For more information, please contact:
Öjje Holt , Co-founder & Commercial Director
+46(0)76 801 72 21