Great news from our portfolio company Once Upon as they take a big step with the launch of the world’s first seamless photo book creation. 

Swedish Once Upon has had a rapid growth since their start in 2017 and increased their revenue more than 15x since Spintop first invested in the company in 2018. The company’s revenue was 10MEUR in 2021. Now the Skellefteå-based company hopes that even more people will discover how easy and valuable it is to tangibly save their memories. 

“We’ve invested in Once Upon for a few years and I continue to be impressed by their skills and focus in creating the best-in-class user experiences; now you can create books using both mobile and web at the same time”, says Sami Niemi, partner at Spintop Ventures. “The pace is accelerating and we’re happy to see the result of last year’s investment of over 10+ MEUR.“

The Once Upon mobile app has been a popular way to make photo books for many years. With this launch, Once Upon is the only company in the photo book industry to create its books seamlessly on different platforms at the same time. Start the book on your desktop picking out photos on a big screen, then add some captions and maybe change the order of some photos when you’re on the bus straight from your phone, later that night you preview and order your book from your tablet on the couch. Or the other way around. 

“It feels amazing to say that Once Upon is breaking new grounds in the industry. Our hope is that we can get even more people to discover our service and how easy it is to save your invaluable memories”, says Lina Andersson, CEO and founder of Once Upon.

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