Spintop Ventures proudly announces an investment in Vitala, a health tech startup that aims to redefine how we manage and treat chronic diseases. Vitala is digitalizing healthcare through its innovative approach to prescribing exercise as medicine, with the goal of rendering exercise as precise and trackable as traditional pharmaceutical treatments. 

Now as a first step to reach US providers, Vitala was one of only eight global companies to participate in Texas Medical Center’s prestigious HealthTech Innovation program.

“Vitala’s technology-driven approach of prescribing exercise as a therapeutic tool has the potential to be a game-changer for patients, clinicians, and payers. By offering tailored prescriptions with clear therapeutic goals, dosage, and follow-up mechanisms, Vitala is at the forefront of a paradigm shift in disease management and prevention. We take pride in being a part of this impactful journey, providing accessible and high-quality care, while simultaneously lowering the overall cost of healthcare,” says Isabel Nilson, Investment Manager at Spintop Ventures. 

The era of relying solely on pharmaceuticals for treating chronic diseases is over. The World Health Organization (WHO) has underscored the remarkable benefits of incorporating exercise into the lives of individuals contending with ongoing health conditions. From diabetes to cardiovascular issues, respiratory disorders, and cancer, the positive effects of physical activity on symptom management and overall well-being are undeniable. Yet, more than one in four adults globally are physically inactive, according to WHO.

“Medical professionals are well aware of the positive effects of physical activity both in terms of disease prevention and management. A seismic shift from reactive pharmaceutical treatments to proactive lifestyle changes and physical activity is gaining momentum globally. This strategic shift is poised to be a game-changer, not only for disease prevention but also for the astute management of various health conditions,” says Petter Aasa, CEO and co-founder of Vitala.

However, this knowledge often takes a backseat when it comes to practical implementation due to constraints such as time scarcity, inadequate resources, and knowledge in how to precisely tailor exercises to patients’ diverse medical conditions, functional abilities, and musculoskeletal pain.

Vitala is bridging this gap by digitalizing and automating the prescription of exercise as medicine, with the goal of rendering exercise as precise and trackable as traditional pharmaceutical treatments. With Vitala, healthcare providers can conveniently and efficiently prescribe, monitor, and manage diagnosis-specific exercise as medicine to patients in a fully automated way. The exercise prescriptions contain different types of physical activity, including walking, biking, running, and daily home exercise programs based on the patient’s preferences, medical diagnoses, functional ability, pain, and daily form.

“Vitala serves as a crucial tool in facilitating the transition from reactive to proactive healthcare. Engaging in daily physical activity and exercise can slow down disease progression, lower the risk of complications, and enhance both physical and mental well-being — all without any side effects,” says Jesper Aasa, MD, Product owner and co-founder.

Jesper Aasa envisions a future where prescribing exercise is as straightforward as recommending pharmaceuticals, with the added benefit of tailoring it to each patient’s individual condition and preferences.

Already seeing traction with world-leading institutes and top research hospitals in the Nordics, Vitala has recently initiated a partnership with Capio, a leading private healthcare organization in Sweden. At Capio, Vitala’s platform is being used in a pilot project to prescribe diagnosis-specific exercise prescriptions that guide the patients through daily generated physical activity, while managing the continuous health progression monitoring as an integrated part of the care for these patients. This strategic partnership empowers all of Capio’s healthcare centers in Sweden to offer this service to their patients.

Vitala has raised a total of €2.5m from top European VCs, and are now looking to expand in the US. As a first step in realizing the same impact potential with US-based providers and patients as in Europe, Vitala is part of Texas Medical Center’s prestigious HealthTech Innovation program.

“Vitala is digitalizing and automating personalized exercise prescriptions to bridge the gap between what we’ve long known about the benefits of physical activity and practical implementation. As they extend their reach into the United States, Vitala is envisioning a future where prescribing exercise is as commonplace as recommending pharmaceuticals. We are thrilled to support them on this journey,” says Devin Dunn, Head of the HealthTech Accelerator program at Texas Medical Center.