Serial-entrepreneur Nima Samimi, founder and CEO of HR-platform AlexisHR, spent a lot of time and energy handling HR-issues in his previous start-up and that’s how the idea to his new company was born. Three years after the release AlexisHR are serving customers all over Europe with focus on Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands with users in 75 countries. 

Nima Samimi started his first company when he was 21, a call center in his hometown Karlstad. He’s always had a great interest in tech and later on developed an app for magazine subscriptions. 

– When the IPad was released I read many international magazines online and thought that this should be more accessible and that’s how Ztory was born. 

Ztory grew quickly and in several countries at the same time. Nima Samimi and the management spent an extreme amount of time handling administration concerning vacations, sick leave and salaries. 

– We had all worked in tech based companies, but everything related to HR was still handled manually. I couldn’t find a digital tool that was suitable for SME. This was something that occupied my mind and a few years later, after Ztory was sold, we turned our problem into our new company. 

Together with developers from his previous company, he started developing a tool that could handle basic assignments like sick leave and vacations. They built a chatbot that lets the user report directly through Teams and Slack. Alexis automatically handles the administration, which saves time and energy for both employees and management. AlexisHR was released in the beginning of 2020, right before the pandemic.

– At first the pandemic made it very difficult for us. HR-functions were busy with other things, but pretty soon they realized that they more than before needed smooth digital processes for handling everything related to HR, says Nima Samimi. Today Alexis can handle all the HR administration and now our focus is creating more of an employee experience platform, that will help out with everything from onboarding to measuring results and giving feedback and creating a fair salary process. 

During 2023 the plan is to expand to new markets and doubling the team from 35 to 70 employees. Nima Samimi praises the team and the results so far. By using their own platform and tools they’re ensuring a solid on-boarding for new employees.  

– It gives us the opportunity to create a good experience for the new employee, but also possibilites to follow up when there are challenges, says Nima Samimi. Our business is HR, and our company is nothing without our team. It’s extraordinary to see how our leaders and team members are growing and evolving, and now we’re ready to grow to the next level. 

Nima Samimi describes AlexisHR as finding his home.

 – I’m thankful that we’ve had investors who have supported us, with money of course but also with their knowledge. By asking the right questions they’ve helped us find the right path. My experience as an entrepreneur is that you overestimate what you can do in one year and underestimate what you can accomplish in five years. Many of us entrepreneurs are impatient by nature, but in order to succeed you need to be persistent. 

AlexisHR is an all-in-one platform to simplify and automate people operations– manage and automate HR workflow from onboarding to offboarding, blended into your favorite communications tool, while providing business intelligence. If you want to know more, visit